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Screen Grab Pro 1.8

Captures image to text using inbuilt OCR, can copy image region from the screen
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Despite the ‘Pro’ bit at the end of the program’s name, Screen Grab Pro is a totally free screen capture tool suitable for desktop, window, and custom region captures. It uses hotkeys to make the entire capture process easy and efficient, allowing you to send the resulting image to the clipboard so that you can paste it to your favorite editor, e-mail, or document right away.

The program’s interface clearly reflects the program’s simple functionality, focused mainly on letting you grab a part or the whole of whatever is on your screen with just one click – F9 for the entire window or screen, and F8 for the region you select.

The program supports 8 and 32-bit resolutions, and BMP, JPEG, ICON, and PDF for the output. The possibility of sending the capture directly to your Windows clipboard is probably one of its nicest features. While in there, you can paste or insert it anywhere as many times as needed without looking for it on your destination folder.

When capturing an entire window you can either maximize or ‘mark’ it with your mouse as the current active window and then press F9, or you can open the Current Windows menu option and choose it directly from the list. The latter action will trigger the capture process automatically, saving you pressing F9. You may find, however, that not always all your open windows appear on the list – a minor drawback that can be easily overcome, though.

There is not much more than this to it. Screen Grab Pro performs as expected from an extremely simple and easy-to-use interface. The only option in the Options dialog refers to the beep that you hear with every screenshot – turn it off here if you don’t like it. Once you’ve set up the program to behave as you wish in terms of timing, output format, resolution, etc., all you have to do is keep pressing F9 or F8 to your heart’s content.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Can send captures to the clipboard
  • Set a time for your captures
  • Supports two bit resolutions
  • Saves screenshots as BMP or JPG images


  • Current Wndows' list does not display all opened windows
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